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Tasty and Nutritious Dog and Cat Food in Vancouver

Simply Natural Raw Pet Food offers top-notch cat food selections in Vancouver. We aim to provide your beloved pets with nutritious meals from trusted brands. Our range includes options for various dietary needs and preferences. Additionally, we offer supplements to address specific health concerns like allergies and aging.

We're your one-stop shop for dog and cat food in Vancouver. Contact us to place your order and learn more about the brands we carry and the benefits of different types of pet foods. Give your furry friend the best with our premium cat food choices. Trust Simply Natural Raw Pet Food for quality nutrition that keeps your cat happy, active and healthy. Reach out to us.

Dog Food

Veterinarians agree that a well-balanced diet can significantly improve your dog’s health. A shinier coat, healthy fur, and long hours of catching the ball are several benefits of a healthy diet. Simply Natural Raw Pet Food offers various options to choose the best food for your doggo. Let’s look at some popular food options here:

Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food can prove amazing for your dog as it is part of their natural diet. Besides providing your dog with a shinier coat, healthier skin, and cleaner teeth, raw dog food would also increase energy levels. You can have more fun with the baby and keep him from diseases. Here are the branded foods available with us:

  • Natural Instincts

  • 3P
  • Club Canine
  • Pawz
  • Pets Go Raw


Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food is convenient. It can be stored and transported easily. Also, if you buy it in bulk, it turns out to be economical. Apart from that, you do not have to worry about it becoming contaminated with bacteria. And, due to the small size, you can easily hide it in your pet's toys. This way, you can guarantee nutrition for your pet. Here is a list of the brands that we offer:

  • Acana
  • Orijen

  • Fromm

  • Go!

  • Now

  • The Honest Kitchen

  • K9 Natural

  • NRG

  • Open Farm

  • Precise Holistic

  • Sojos

  • Taste of the Wild

  • ZiwiPeak

Cat Food
Many times, cat owners are in a dilemma when choosing cat food. With so many options and categories, deciding what's best for your cat can be confusing. Consider your cat's health, water consumption, and jaw before dieting. Simply Natural Raw Pet Food offers several raw, dry, and canned cat food brands in Vancouver. Complement these with our species-appropriate supplement, and your cats will remain healthy and energetic for long.

Raw Cat Food

Raw food is loaded with proteins and will keep your cat full for a long time. This food is more digestible, and the poos of the cats who feed on raw food are often dry, small, crumbly, and less smelly. The brands that we offer are:

  • 3P

  • Club Feline
  • Natural Instincts

Dry Cat Food

Dry food provides concentrated proteins and will satisfy your cat in smaller quantities. It does not get contaminated easily and can be bought in bulk, making it a convenient and economical option. Here are the well-known brands you can buy from us:

  • Acana

  • Orijen

  • Fromm

  • Feline Natural

  • Go!

  • Now

  • Open Farm

  • Precise Holistic

  • ZiwiPeak

Canned Cat Food

Canned food provides your cat with the required hydration in addition to fats and oils. Fats and oils are essential as they offer insulation and lubrication for cells and organs. Like dry and raw food, canned food also has its benefits. Check with your veterinarian for a balanced diet for your feline. Check out our brands for canned cat foods in Vancouver here:

  • Boréal

  • Fromm
  • Halo
  • Hound & Gatos
  • Nature’s Variety
  • Precise Holistic
  • Wellness
  • Weruva
  • Wysong
  • ZiwiPeak

Choose your pet food wisely, and we are here to help you with whatever you want.


Simply Natural Raw Pet Food offers many high-quality, raw-compatible treats. Reward your pets with treats when they are doing their training sessions right.


Vitamins and minerals are an integral part of the diet for your family’s good health. Then why leave your fur-buddies devoid of them? Dietary supplements are essential for your pet’s health. Please choose the best that suits your pet from our many brands. Here’s the list:

  • Dr. Dobias

  • NoVanimal

  • NaturePet

  • WellyTails

  • Whole Hound

  • Vet’s + Best

  • VetriScience

  • A wide selection of oils and much more.

You can also get your pet food delivered in Vancouver, so you never run out of supplies.

Why Choose Us?

At Simply Natural Raw Pet Food, we stand out for our commitment to good quality and customer satisfaction is our priority. Here's why you should choose us for your pet's nutritional needs:

  • Premium selection: We offer a wide range of top-notch pet food options, including raw, dry, and canned varieties from trusted brands.

  • Nutritional expertise: Our team is knowledgeable about pet nutrition and can provide personalized recommendations to meet your pet's dietary requirements.

  • Convenient delivery: Enjoy having your pet food and supplements delivered straight to your doorstep in Vancouver.

Trust Simply Natural Raw Pet Food for premium quality and exceptional service that keeps your pets happy and healthy.

Contact Us

For all your pet food needs in Vancouver, Simply Natural Raw Pet Food is here to assist you. Whether you have questions about our products, need personalized recommendations, or want to place an order, our team is ready to help. We also offer convenient delivery services, ensuring your pets never run out of their favorite meals. Trust Simply Natural Raw Pet Food for premium quality and exceptional service. Let us be your partner in providing the best nutrition for your beloved pets. Call us now!

Need Help Deciding the Right Pet Diet?

Choosing your pet's proper diet can be tricky; don’t worry when Simply Natural is here.

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